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Sanity in terms of psychological systemic or social sanity is not the lack of phatology or neurosis. It's a dynamic state or a process of achieving, maintaining or re-finding equilibrium between polarities.

These polarities are on one side the need of total control and on the other end a complete absence of control. Fixation in one of both polarities can be considered pathological, it will cause symptoms that are difficult to deal with and they will cause insanity. This process of finding and maintaining a balance is a constant process. Even during sleep, dreams, sounds and movements are part of this process.

Now, the important part is to understand what is the reference or point of departure for finding this equilibrium.
The drive for this process, in my opinion, is the need of our Soul or Essence to express itself. Our essence is basically creative and anything disturbing the need to expression of this creativity will cause neurosis and finally pathological symptoms.

According to this view (temporarily) madness can be part of sanity. It can help to enlarge you sense of well being and open the road to balance within a person. From a social point of view the so called “midlife crisis” is considered a foolish fallback from a person. Probably it is often a neurotic reaction to not being able to deal with the transition of life stages but I have seen cases where this “madness” was absolutely necessary for a person to liberate him or herself from the imprisonment they created along the years.

Sanity is not a given thing, we have to work for it, invest and harvest. It’s both a conscious and unconscious process. When we look beyond our fears we will always find an unconscious drive towards cognitions, behavior and expressions that satisfy our essential need for balance. If this process is blocked neurosis and pathology is created instead.

Sanity is a process of constructive creativity towards biological, psychological and spiritual realization.
It’s an ongoing dance between neurosis and essence.

Sanity is crying when there are tears
Sanity is laughter when there is fun
Sanity is fear when there is danger
Sanity is silence when there is equilibrium

Theo Noordeloos

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  1. I have read with attention and I fully agree with your post. A hug and a kiss 4 U

  2. gostei muito deste texto. encontrei-o enquanto pesquisava sobre a sanidade e me dei conta que se fala muito mais sobre a loucura...
    e este texto fez-me sentido

    beijinhos muitos